The birth place of Ernesto 'Che' Guevara, who still has several mysteries surrounding him. Where is his body? Isnít it time it was located and given a decent burial. He was a doctor and passionately cared for people and wanted fair treatment and rights for all the people in every nation. A philosophy like this scared the Americans and most likely frightened Fidel Castro, who was probably glad to be rid of him so that he could impose his power trip on the people of Cuba; if he had lived he would most probably objected to much that has transpired after his ideal revolution had subsequently failed to bring about what he wished for.

The Tango had its birth place in Cuba, but it was soon transferred to Buenos Aries and is today a phenomenon thatís stronger than ever.

Mystery still surrounds Evita Peron and rumours of Nazi associations with Peron are coming to light.
Dinosaur remains are found in Patagonia and the Welsh colony there is an all but forgotten historical diaspora. Tahir Shah writes about his hilarious adventures in Patagonia in ĎBeyond The Devils Teethí were his mountain climber guide has only one leg..  

Argentina Mylodons 
Charles Darwin found in a cave at Ultima Speranza Patagonia
Giant Sloths are the Mylodons!

Taller than Niagara and twice as wide - Iguazu Falls


Argentine writer and poet: Borges


Guarana Maradona



El Horoest


The Andes