Once Bolivia was a much larger nation. Its one of the safest for tourists and its probably the poorest in Latin America. Its full of Ancient sites the most famous being Tiwanaka or Tiahuanaco. Some believe it could have been the location of Atlantis. The largest lake in South America is Titicaca, at 12,500 feet (3,810 m); two miles high and the highest on the Earth. Also in Bolivia is an extinct sea now a salt lake. Bolivia. has mountains, volcanoes, historic Inca sites, a silver mine in a mountain, a rich history and probably the best ethnic carnival in South America, it all makes Bolivia a very interesting place to visit.


Like all the countries in the high Andes Mountains Coca tea and Coca leaves help to compensate for the lack of oxygen in the air.


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Bolivia's new leader, Evo Morales



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Copacabana Blessing

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Tiahuanacu / Tiwanaku
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Lake Titicaca

Tiahuanacu / Tiwanaku


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