Tiahuanacu / Tiwanaku


Tiwanaku is the place of the famous Gate Of The sun. You might expect its location place at Tiwanaku to be correct, but no its location is arbitrary, our guide (a university professor) informed us that it was found flat on the ground and it was the countries president who decided where to erect it; 'it will look nice over here'; so that's where it was erected.


At two locations there are large stone monoliths that have holes right through. On closer examination the inside of a human ear but reversed can be seen, it has been intricately 'carved' out and is very smooth. Shouting in it acts like a loud speaker and your voice can be heard all around the ruins.


The archaeologists believe that a shallow lake was controlled and flooded over the vast inner areas, reflecting the sky like a giant mirror,  reflected heavens would appear below. The stone figures have eroded water ‘lines above their ankles as if they had stood in water.


The markings in the stone figures are very intricate and shallow and are believed to have been entirely gold plated. Tiwanaku is old, very old, older than the Inka civilization but there are similarities, large interlocking stone blocks for one example. These blocks have interlocking metal connectors holding them together in earthquake proofed fashion, some are reputedly made of gold, no wonder the Spanish demolished the entire place including a massive pyramid in their frenzy to obtain gold, they even had a war between themselves over it with the city of La Paz (The Peace) named after the location of their peace meeting.

The residual stones from the wrecking of Tiwanaku have been built into buildings especially the catholic cathedral in the nearby town. The photo gallery here shows lots of the stones and the figures.

Arquelogia Andina y Tiwanaku

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Sachahuaman, Ollentatambo, Tiwanaka, megaliths probably do pre-date the Inca civilisation. Any references they may have had to do with the original builders were lost due to the calamity of the conquest. The arguments persist: did they build onto what was found? Did the Incas add their buildings on top of the older larger shaped stones?


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