Lake Titicaca


In Spain there are statues of the Black Madonna, in fact they can be found all over Europe, so its no surprise to find her in Latin America.

She is best known in Latin America as Our lady Of Guadalupe. The wooden statue of the Virgin Mary, of ‘Copacabana’ was carved around 1570 by Francisco Yupanqui, a grandson of the Inca Tupac Yupanqui. The Virgin is known as the Dark Virgin of the Lake or the Virgin de la Candelaria, also the patron saint of Bolivia. The Cathedral is in the Spanish Moorish style and dominates the town square of Copacabana on the shores of lake Titicaca, and this Copacabana is the original! Every Sunday the priest does a good trade with a bucket of holly water blessing cars, trucks and motorcycles. 

Titicaca is the largest lake in South America and also the highest lake in the world.
Sacred Islands on the lake are called The Sun and the Moon and it is the place that legends say the first Inkan’s came from. Recent archaeology shows that inhabitation goes much further back, and Inka legends tell of a race on the Earth before them.

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Puma Punka; a one time massive wharf at the lake shore? 

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