The A.R.C Gloria is a modern tall ship with massive sails built with modern technology in the late 1970's and it also has a back up engine. It is the pride of the Colombian Navy and it is the training ship for future officers.

It sails the world in the tall ships race and visits countries on good will

missions. In the captains cabin on the walls hangs cabinets with real Inca gold: miniatures of Indians, they priceless objects that survived the Spanish plundering.

However recently it has come to light that this Inca gold carrying ship was carrying something else on its trips around the world; a horde of cocaine more valuable than a few ancient Indian trinkets.

The nations president suspended the entire ships company.

This is just an example of the corruption that surrounds drug trafficking

and the vast amounts of money to be made. The future and probably past elite of the nations elite military and police force, and politicians have been Cadets on the Gloria. The menace of cocaine has turned Colombia into a no go nation for tourists. The country has so much to offer and many ancient sites as a result are left undiscovered.

Drugs found on Colombian flagship.


Near Bogota there is a great flat plan, were multiple bones of long dead ancient beasts can be found, they are petrified and fossilised Mastadons – instantly killed by some past cataclysmic event.  


The locals call it the Giants Field ; due to the size of the bones.


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South America becoming best stomping grounds for fossil finds


Dinosaurs of South America


Pablo Escobar was one if not the biggest of the drug cartel barons in Columbia.


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