Before Columbus


The Ships of Columbus carried the flag of the Knights Templars.
Did they discover America?
They had to leave Europe in a hurry.
Did they already know of America and its vast gold and other wealth?
Why did the ancient tribes of South America Venerate red bearded white men in white clothing, who went away promising to return?
Where is the treasure of the Templars never recovered by the kings of Europe and the pope who deposed them?
Was Columbus looking for it?


‘In fourteen hundred and ninety two Columbus sailed the Ocean blue’…. So the children’s poem went that drummed the legend into our minds; Columbus found America.

Its probably a myth, a good story that we have been taught by rote, we accepted it without question. And begs the question why don’t we question more the things we are told.

The fact that people were already living there and had found it long before anyone else is proof  enough of European arrogance.

There are maps that show South America that pre-date Columbus, some show both Longitude and Latitude, one is drawn from the pole, another shows Antarctica.

Ancient maps may pre-date the Crusades and the Knights Templar may have obtained copies from Arab sailors. When dissolved and persecuted the entire Templar fleet disappeared, so too did their gold. This fleet of ships was the biggest and most powerful of its day. Did some go to South America? The Templar flag was the same as the main sail on the Columbus flotilla, did he have a map, did he know where he was going, what gold exactly was he seeking….?


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