Of the coast of Cuba an astounding discovery, an entire undersea city sunk in the distant past, it even claimed that it could be millions of years old!
If so it really will cause a fuss. It means a very ancient human civilisation disappeared long ago. Its almost an echo of HP Lovecraft’s Old Ones, or maybe the prescience of the book Last and First Men by Olaf Stapledon, if you were to read it back to front.
The other mysteries of Cuba are to do with the communist revolution, and why the dictator Castro’s revolution has fizzled out and left the people poor and subjugated. This Island is now one of the last bastions of old style fear communism left in the world alongside North Korea.

The revolution has failed and the regime has begun on the route to joining the rest of the world, with its tourism industry leading, i.e. the resort of Varadero, and closely followed by the re-emergence of prostitution which for El Comondante was one of the reasons for the revolution in the first place; power any type of power soon dispels principles….. 

Lots of mysteries surround Che and even more about Fidel, with the most amazing tales covered in the book Marita.

I once showed my daughter a picture of Che Guevara and asked her what does this mean? she said, It's the logo of a t-shirt company!      BOOKMARK

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