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Co-photographed by the great Chris Menges (Kes, The Killing Fields), this British TV documentary from 1970 seems consistent with some of the best fiction films that explored the Amazonian jungle in the 1980s. Like Fitzcarraldo, The Emerald Forest and The Mission (which Menges also shot), Adrian Cowell’s film accepts the anthropological while never surrendering the sense of mystery.

Following a couple of experts into the jungle as they search for the unknown Kreen Akrore tribe, the search is arduous: they can cover no more than a mile a day as they hack away at the jungle foliage determined to find this most mysterious and dangerous of tribes. What little is known about them is based on their willingness to kill everyone with whom they come into contact. And anybody who knows and loves Peter Watkins’ work (The War Game, Culloden) should take a look at this. (Tony McKibbin)


Villas Boas brothers

The Real Avatar Story

The White Road
Visions of the Indigenous People of the Americas

Is a documentation of this gathering that took place in Merida on the Mexican pensinsula of Yucatán in spring of 2003.






Eagle & Condor


The journey of
Francisco Orellana



Rainforest Raiders