Gortez,  ‘Gortez; The Killer’ is a great song by Neil Young, it tells a little about this Spaniard, who came in search of gold. But the one to come later was worse. The entire episode of the conquistadors is nothing for history to approve of. These men were often criminal’s, vagabonds and mercenaries. Desperate uneducated greedy types seeking wealth and power, or favour with the King of Spain, which meant the same thing. They would do anything for prestige; and gold was prestige. The film by producer Werner Herzog; ‘Aguirre Wrath of God’ depicts a fictionalised story about a real person; it shows the desperate mindset of these killers. Gortez, started it.

And after him came the bringer of havoc, the killer, murderer, robber and uneducated bastard Don Francisco Pizarro. One of his accomplishments was to wreak havoc at Tiwanaku, getting his men to break open the stones to take away the silver, some gold; the harnesses inside the blocks to hold them together. By this method they disassembled the great pyramid of Tiwanaku, as well as other structures. The stones that could be moved by their horses were pulled to the nearby town to be converted into a cathedral, no doubt his demolition of a ‘heathen temple’ being fully condoned by the Catholic Church. The beautiful statues, some said to have had amazing qualities, almost lifelike, were discarded and pushed to the ground or destroyed for play.

So rich were the pickings from Tiwanaka that a war broke out between the Spaniards; the eventual peace was made at a location today known as La Paz.

I would like to think that we have learned, since past times, no doubt many of us have, and would condemn such actions if they happened in our 21st century. However just look around at those that hold power today; look what they have been doing in South America, look what they are doing all over the world. The Pizarro mindset often makes it to the top of the heap, if in modern times a little more disguised…

The Eye of The Queen’, by Phillip Mann, apart from being a great and strange science fiction novel, tells a tale of Earthmen in contact with an alien race. They meet to study and to learn. To learn AND FIND OUT SURPRISING THINGS LIKE, THEY, THE ALIEN RACE, ARE REALLY A MUCH FURTHER ADVANCED RACE, THAN HUMANS.  Pizarro came to conquer, steal and kill, and maybe we humans are still able to produce such a ‘leader’ that can easily without guilt awareness walk over and smash all over other precious cultures of the past for personnel gain. I think we are still a very long way from the exemplars of contact depicted in Phillip Mann’s Novel!

We should by now have the ability to look at ourselves. Also to look at our past. We evolved from Apes, and we exhibit the mannerisms and maybe the internal emotions of animals. Desmond Morris observed and wrote about us as the Naked Ape’s. Our unconscious can control our anger and fears; they make us more stupid. Looking at leaders, those seeking power; its probably due to an inferiority complex, a fear of failure, of not becoming something, this drives them to become despots, leaders, politicians, if not all; then most. Like the animal kingdom this drive makes the lead hyena, lion or ape ferocious, unforgiving, stupid, at times. The struggle in the animal kingdom is related to the evolutionary drive, and ‘maybe’ survival of the fittest. In humans this drive is exhibited by the wish be someone the leader. Many may say its for altruistic reasons at best, but often those in power soon give up such pretensions, and want to maintain power at all costs, even ditching their former ideals and principles. No this seeking to be the leader is driven by insecurity as only at such a position are all threats removed; for a time. Those wielding power often abuse it and they can always justify there actions. This type of power appears to corrupt those that hold it, its easy to see why as they had problems in the first place, what operates in the animal kingdom is probably the only way, but are we still animals?

As for Pizarro his legacy is that he ruined an entire fragile society that has taken decades if not centauries to learn anything about, and what we are finding is that they may have a lot to give us from their wrecked culture…probably more valuable than gold.


It is recorded that an Inca nobleman told Sebastian Benalcazar, who was one of Pizzarros henchmen, ‘that all the gold collected for Atahulapa’s release ‘was but an ear of corn from a great harvest field of such gold’. Is it hidden in underground places? This is the rumor. (See Tunnels)

Certain Quichua may know. They pop up with gold for things they need, like dentistry; many prize their gold teeth.

Organised searches for the hidden treasure horde, especially if sanctioned by the government would probably start off a strike or a rebellion.


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