We are at War; its more dangerous to us and our national security than wars in Iraq.


It’s the drugs War.


The break down of normal society due to drugs is probably as big a threat to us all as is global warming and other catastrophes. Everyone realises a danger when it effects live’s dramatically; like seeing the Asian tsunami on our TV screens, we immediately give funds to help. Other major problems go unnoticed, as they are not on our ‘radar’. The problem pops up from time to time in the news and fades away.

However increasingly it is our children that are in the frontline of drug abuse, and so many families experience this, that it should be a major cause for concern.

The breakdown in law and order in Colombia and parts of Rio, may be a warning for what our own future may be like and the growing statistics in USA Europe where much of all crime is drug related; robberies to feed habits etc. indicates this.

In Latin America corruption has made no go areas in the Rio Favellas, in Colombia the entire nation is in drugs turmoil. Many USA cities have gangs, related to drug sales that become rich and violent. The monetary rewards for the sellers of drugs is huge, and that’s how it undermines our society, a little bribe here and there, up, up the chain it goes, probably on that route its origins, drug connected orientation, becomes disassociated and as a result you see only misguided operations and political fudging taking place. Methods to tackle it become ridicules, like burning poor farmers field in Peru, locking up a high ranking drugs baron every ten years to pacify the need for firm action, appointing Drugs Zars and so on it all fails to stop the flow. They even developed a fungus to kill off ALL coca plants! Such a fungus would escape run rampant and probably destroy all plants, losing all the good qualities found and the livelihoods of all the poor peasant farmers, and also destroy the Quechau Indians reliance upon Coca as a sacred plant. Every schoolboy can work out that if demand is there supply finds a way. Stopping demand is needed by education and its very difficult to do. However stopping supply at a close level to demand can be achieved.


The most effective way to address the war on drugs is to stop it closer to the demand and targeting the underlying reasons that drive pushers to push drugs; they do so for financial gain – take away the gain.  A special task force of non corruptible officers might shoot drug dealers on site in our cities just like the border patrols in Asia and South America – what really is the difference?


In South America and Asia drug smugglers are often treated in a deadly serious manner, on the borders with Afghanistan the Iranian army shoot to kill drug smugglers. Its OK there but our PC leaders will not want to do this here.


Slowly insidiously we slide towards the Colombianisation of our towns and cities.


A more moral approach might be to Stop the Pushers by taking away their illicit gains their unauthorised income etc then there is no reason for them to benefit so it will dry up the distribution close to the demand and not ruin the poor farmers in poor nations.


Its nothing to do with farmers growing crops, and in South America these crops like Coca are part of their culture and are not abused. It is everything to do with the way we deal with it closer to home.


Drug dealers do so for gain, they often swank, drive expensive cars, have gold ornamentation, expensive clothes and own houses etc. This is the area to tackle. We the parents of the generation now most at risk, should as our representatives to bring about laws to stop and force suspects to prove the source of their income, if its not from any known legitimate source it should be confiscated.


This has never been tried. Everything that has been tried so far has failed, and you have to ask yourself why?