The capital is Quito, it means ¨City of the Straight Sun¨ and twice a year there is no shadow at noon. It was an Inca city and it still is today, It was the last Inka kings capital and the veneration of Atahualpa has not been forgotten even through and after the Spanish conquest, in modern times he takes on a focus for the emergent pride of the Indians all across the Quechua speaking nations.  


Stan Hall a Scottish geologist followed up on Erich von Däniken's book; Gold of the Gods seeking the cave he mentioned with a metal library from an ancient lost race. The cave is in Ecuador.  Däniken lost all credibility when he was exposed as not being accurate with the truth in his statements about visiting the cave. Stan Hall initiated an expedition in the 1970's with astronaut Neil Armstrong! to visit a huge cave (Tayos, Oil Bird cave) possibly believing it to be the one described to Däniken.

It turned out to be very interesting but not the metal library Tayos cave. Stan kept up his research over the years and believes there is such a cave. See his website. The Quest For The Metal Library

Tayos Gold Library


Däniken was also criticised about his belief in ancient astronauts visiting the Earth in the past, its a great idea that a real one was part of the unfolding story on Stan Halls website. It may be that the treasures of the cave if found might prove Däniken to be right, but I guess Stan's theory is leaning more towards a past human race on this planet or Solar system a race lost in an ancient calamity. Wouldn't that be nice if they left us a set of gifts in a cave, it would certainly throw a spanner in the works of modern archeology!

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