Tikal is one if not the most impressive of all the ancient Mayan cities.
Recently more lost Ďcitiesí have been found in the jungles of Guatemala.
Why the Maya left their cities has been a mystery, but today, we are beginning to understand; they expanded their cities and populations, and stripped the surrounding land, exhausted it and the water supply. We humans are well equipped for slash and burn tactics, we evolved as roaming tribes, to take from nature, but when we settle in cities, thatís altogether a different story.
This feature of human nature is very well explained in The Axemakers Gift 
By Robert Ornstien. The UK TV series Deep Jungle shows the locations, looks at our behavior and unearths the real reasons for the collapse of the Maya, itís a brilliant TV programme! 
Does the message of the Mayan city collapses spell our own planet wide doom as we endlessly strip the Earths resources?


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