exico is a land with many strange ancient sites, together with ancient and modern mysteries, real, and others artificially generated. 
Carlos Castenada apparently met his teacher Don Juan in a bus station in Mexico, then studied under him as a trainee Brujos in the Sonoran desert. Later we learn that his mentor Don Juan is a man of knowledge and is to impart such to Castenada.
This kind of brilliantly written bullshit fooled large segments of the bulge generation; many saw through it: as no operational, factual, provable knowledge was objectively available.
Casteneda and all his works are blown apart today with the knowledge about his cult exposed by Amy Wallace in her book; The Sorcerers Apprentice’
One writer even wrote about meeting the man himself after he had deceased thus proving that at least the dead don’t tell tales only the living are so gullible. 
So now all the aspiring Naguals out there are able to see how they were duped and the whole stream of copycat idiots who also claimed to have met Castenada’s fictionary characters are all exposed as liars.
Castenada probably obtained his outline of the hidden sorcery traditions from Latin American Shaman, especially those in the high Andes, and corrupted them into his own misrepresentative ideas woven into his stories. Sadly he is yet another on the list of people who say they are one thing when in reality they are very far short of their own standards, instead of a gifted person his lies make him yet another warning beacon for what to avoid, as his like are all around us. 
There are real mysteries in Mexico. 
The Pyramids of the Sun and the Moon at Teotihuacan were built in AD 650 when Europeans were mostly living in mud huts, after the fall of the Roman Empire. These Pyramids are only matched in size by those in China, which the government there keeps silent about. The Pyramids of Teotihuacan featured in a cowboy film in the fifties as a backdrop (J Wayne?) nothing was said of them in the films narrative, the actors on horse back just silently ride past them.
The most curios thing about pyramids is the fact they are all around the world and new discoveries are happening almost daily.

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