Madame Blavatskaya

Apparently visited south America and Harold T. Wilkins in his book 'Mysteries of Ancient South America'  mentions her belief in tunnels near Rio Payquina Arica


A mystery has grown up around this idea that there are vast interconnecting tunnels and that the Inca gold is hidden within them.


Giants, Tunnels and Tiwanaka are associated together.


The City and the Stars by Arthur C Clarke tells the story of a lost civilisation on Earth that built interconnecting tunnels. It was set in the future, but could be read in the imagination as the past, its strange how Science Fiction parallels other ideas, that pop up in other streams of thought or investigations, or imaginations.




The Sun Behind The Sun


The Dark Star, The Sun of the Incas? We know they worshiped the Sun, so did the ancient Egyptians. Did the esoteric beliefs of the Incas fit with those of occult societies in the West. Madame Blavatsky took an interest in the Incas, so did the Nazis. The DarkStar website explains.


The Nazis had a strange occult compulsion and their deaths head insignia of the SS was connected to an occult tradition of the Black Sun


The Black Sun connections gets even wilder with the Montauk Conspiracy.


Going back to fiction that claims nothing more than to be fiction, is the interesting story of interconnected ancient tunnels running under the entire planet.


See The Corridors Of Time by Poul Anderson.


Caves at Pacaritambo


A Place of refuge when an ancient cataclysmic event happend?


Carved Caves at Sacsayhuaman



Ancient Tunnel Systems

Secrets Of Lost

Tatuna Nara