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It’s a mysterious name, with a mysterious past and the land associated with it, as if from the very ground itself appears, as if, to generate old and new myths and mysteries, and strange events and behavior.
Latin American Gonwanaland is a part of our ancient Earths one time single landmass, which broke away long, long, ago due to plate tectonics. Today it is Latin South America. South or Latin America has lots of ancient mysteries, as well as many modern ones too. Some have weird and obviously wild fantasies surrounding them, they are included here, along with the more carefully thought out hypothesis. All combined with modern events, the website attempts to collate, comment and signpost the visitor onwards to learn more about it all. is a portal through which have been connected the good the bad and the brilliant, on these subjects in each country, together with ‘observations’. The book ‘Latin American Travellers Tales’, continues were the commentaries in this website ends.

The formula for Wisdom
I + K (+T) = U

Information plus Knowledge = Understanding – dispels myths and superstition and wild hypothesis. 
The 'T' in brackets stands for time, as often understanding needs time.

It is most likely that 98% of the theories that border on the strange will in due time, with full information, become knowledge, and so these ‘mysterious’ subjects will be understood. There will be surprises in some areas of investigation, whilst others will show the mundane, the ordinary and the all to human condition; were ancient people wise, smarter than us? Or just different, with all the same daily problems and emotions and failings?

Many people have wild ideas about certain unexplained mysteries, they may be honestly misinformed, gullible, or those spreading such theories for their own motives like selling books or collecting ‘followers’ or both, these people are financially benefiting from a lack of objective knowledge and perpetuate myths. Some answers to past mysteries are beginning to show us the way to deal with these subjects. For example flight 19 with its missing formation of five Avenger aircraft and numerous ships have been lost in the Bermuda Triangle. Like the mystery of the stone statues on Easter Island a distant event, and flight 19 a relative recent one, both look likely to be due to all too human failings. Before we knew the answers; theories came along without any ‘knowledge’ just the information. Some people have much to gain from uncertainty, rather like the Soothsayers in The Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy, the computer that would give the answer to everything was thankfully for them millennia from functioning, and they could pontificate about its findings for at least their own lifetimes. Douglas Adams used humour to point out facts about humans. We can see clear similarities with the observation from some about the mysteries old and new in Latin America. Without correctly observing the facts then understanding all the information, and this has to be all, not just a selective segment, often people have a tendency to leave out facts that don’t fit their theory and like to add in assumptions and opinions that do plus, they have learned to put in excitement into the ‘story’; such as aliens. This excitement together with the belief that we are ‘in on a secret’, generates an elitist mental set, that can become obsessive; obsessive behavior is emotional and such emotions blind us and blind arrogance or certainty can kill.

As for flight 19; the flight leader became disorientated and mistook a string of Bahamian islands for the Florida Keys, which were about 400 miles south. It was pilot error. The missing facts were at that time, a lack of understanding about the human mindset. Today the human brain, its conditioning and certain patterns that set the mind into a ‘loop’ behavior, maybe brought on by high emotions e.g. panic makes us behave more stupidly; fact. If we are in such a predicament we need to know how to get out of it, or have access to others who can observe our situation and assist. The flight leader became convinced he was over the Florida Keys and adjusted his positioning of the aircraft accordingly (a fatal error moving out into open sea). Had he used his reasoning faculties he would have known it was impossible for the flight to have gone 400 miles south, armed with the correct information he could have made a better judgment.

As for missing ships, it has been proved (TV Documentary) that the sea bed can eject gas periodically and if a ship is caught in such a ‘bubbling sea’ the vessel finds itself in a medium of gas and water that cannot support the ships weight and down it goes, rapidly. There are several areas where volcanic, and plate tectonics (recent new understandings) can produce such gasses and the Bermuda Triangle is one, plus an area of hurricane activity. There are lots of sightings of UFO’s in these areas, maybe there is a connection with Earth seismic activity and electrical, plasma, magnetic anomalies that result in lights; who knows, but it is a more realistic theory, than aliens. It only needs the scientific discovery of such possibilities to bring the UFO alien connection tumbling down. However we will see that even when a theory is totally demolished, certain adherents cling on to their belief like a drowning man clutching at anything to keep him afloat.
Common sense, down to Earth answers are the more probable. However it tells us more about ourselves and our condition, our need to be part of the ‘adventure’ and a need for ‘excitement’ it is as if it is sustenance. We may react in a hostile manner when in the face of knowledge dispelling such myths, that may have become assimilated as our belief, that we may have subscribed too, are committed too; quite often many people still follow the wild theories, rather like the fact that there still exists a Flat Earth Society. The myths, many of them, even in spite of the evidence stacked against them, still have followers and the books still sell. The real mystery here is why?
These questions of why many of us behave in this way, tell us about more interesting mysteries; those surrounding our own behavior.
People who write books about strange things and ideologies most probably do so to make money, for fame, notoriety; for attention. When this is understood the book or the website should be viewed with this in mind. Then we can look at the information together with the motivations surrounding them and seek answers, and were such answers without facts are given, then these should only go into our ‘in tray’ marked pending; pending more facts, information, before they are re-classified as knowledge.

As for Easter Island, the famous statues are not aliens, but stylised gods who the priests probably told the people could support and provide all their needs if worshiped. If worshipped through these priests as middlemen contacts to the gods. When the food ran out, don’t forget this is a small island now mostly barren, the gods failed them, their superstitions about an interventionist god were demolished, they abandoned worship, but too late they staved to death.
Now these are the facts, alongside a view of the human condition.
The facts have been obtained from observation and scientific study, the same facts are distorted by the myths, why did the people build such statues, was it for the aliens that had visited them, or the Atlanteans, or was it because a priestly elite told the people to do this or they would suffer? Like the writers of our modern books on myths and secret occult stuff, and conspiracy theories; did the Easter Island priesthood gain from being in charge of a cult, with adherents and followers? Well you can fool some of the people… etc until the food runs out and the Gods don’t show up, that’s when the priests are the first into the stewing pot.
We now know that a large population was needed for all that stone mason and moving work, forests were cut down to assist in moving the stones, resulting in collapse of the Eco system. Partially completed statues were abandoned, as around that time the food chain collapsed and the Easter islanders became cannibals.
The modern cults we have today; are they different or less dangerous than those of the past? All cults take away rational thought, when we cast aside our rationality we can be very stupid, 
However looking at cults and our behavior in them, and the studies of mental anomalies, have revealed our condition, answers are available; we are prone to deception as we often can deceive ourselves.

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